At Saxony Chiropractic we take a teams approach to your care and see ourselves as members of YOUR team. That said, we believe every member of YOUR team plays a valuable role in supporting you, your health, and well-being. Take a few moments and meet your team members below!

Meet Your Team

Dr. Scott Kuper

Dr. Scott Kuper is a highly skilled and experienced doctor of chiropractic who provides a team approach in the diagnosis, treatment and correction of your health-related concerns and the pain you are fighting.

Nicole Dix

Nicole is the office manager at Saxony Chiropractic and has spent several years running dental offices, and made the transition to the chiropractic field in 2020.

Leanne Anderson

Leanne is passionate about helping people reach their ideal, healthy weight so that they may be able to live life at their full potential.

Dr. Bart Anderson

Dr. Bart Anderson is a chiropractor, and his primary focus is the clinical oversight of Activate Metabolics and the development of Activate Metabolics, Inc., a management service organization of weight loss clinics.

Brandy Davis

Brandy is an experienced business professional with over 20 years of healthcare experience prior to becoming the Office Coordinator/Chiropractic Assistant