Therapeutic exercise refers to a wide range of physical activities that focuses on restoring and maintaining strength, endurance, flexibility, stability and balance. The goal of therapeutic exercises is to return you to a fully functioning, pain-free state.

Therapeutic Exercise

If therapeutic exercise is needed, Dr. Kuper will create a treatment care plan containing a slowly-progressing exercise program that is appropriate to your unique needs. Dr. Kuper will monitor your progress, assist with some physical movements, and modify your plan as you recover.

The first objective of therapeutic exercise is to help the body reduce pain and inflammation. Once that is achieved the program often shifts focus to regaining range of motion and rebuilding muscle strength and endurance. Exercises that may be included in a therapeutic program include:

  • Strengthening exercises, usually performed with heavy resistance and fewer repetitions.
  • Endurance exercises that engage large muscle groups over a longer period of time.
  • Flexibility exercises achieved through stretching and movement.
  • Balance and coordination exercises that focus on maintaining an individual’s center of gravity.

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