The greatest honor we have are the kind words others say about us. Read below to see what others are saying about Dr. Kuper and the staff at Saxony Chiropractic.

Dr. Kuper is so knowledgeable about the human skeletal and soft tissue it amazes me. I always feel so much better after seeing him. He has never steered me wrong. And he does what is needed to heal and nothing more. He does not try to up sell anything. Great office. You can’t go wrong….unless you don’t go there!Jack N.
Dr. Kuper and his staff are wonderful! I started going for lower back pain that I didn’t think could actually be ‘fixed’ and in less than two months my pain was gone. I really appreciated how carefully Dr. Kuper approached the process and how well he explains what and why he does the things he does. You won’t find a more caring and compassionate chiropractor who will do everything he can to help you feel your best. Awesome practice!Jodi K.
Dr. Kuper and staff are great! After 30 years working as a dental hygienist, I have aches and pains from head to toe. Dr. Kuper is always been able to ease my pain and get me moving again.Jennifer D.
Dr. Kuper is very knowledgeable and personable. I have suffered from lower back pain most of my life. Dr. Kuper keeps me healthy so I can perform my job as a firefighter.Kasey R.
I saw Dr. Scott in the prime of my triathlete days and he kept me in my sport pain free. He showed me stretching as well. After a bad bicycle accident he helped eliminate pain from my shoulder.
5 years later as a busy mom I started having neck pain (muscle spasms). I would have driven 100’s of miles to find Dr. Scott as I knew his expertise was the solution to my pain. Dr. Scott Kuper is an excellent Chiropractor whether you’re an athlete or a busy parent and working. I’m looking forward to my recovery and I highly recommend Dr Scott Kuper.Ashley J.
I would highly recommend Dr. Kuper and his staff and massage therapist. They allow me to schedule what I feel is needed for my situation and I find my treatments and therapeutic massage are customized to my needs and not just a “routine treatment” that is good for everyone. Thank you for your expertise and professional, personal service.Neva W.
I’ve been extremely pleased with Dr. Kuper, the staff, and my treatments. Very friendly and easy to work with. I plan on continuing my treatments long term.Kevin L.
Dr. Kuper is wonderful and does a great job of combining his chiropractic knowledge and soft tissue skills. Highly recommended!Scott H.
I have had back issues for around 6 years. Dr. Kuper has seen me 4 times and I am finally starting to be pain free. He is very attentive. I would recommend Dr. Kuper to everyone.Stephen H.
Dr. Kuper is wonderful! I would recommend Saxony Chiropractic to anyone! Very patient and kind, and they make sure they address the problem first hand. Great doctor and office, and I wouldn’t go see anyone else!Darcy S.